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Rain Barrels: Preventing Water Pollution Starts at Home


Keywords: combined sewer system , limited capacity , impervious , untreated water , discharge , screened intake , debris , diverters , downspout , winterize , sediment , stormwater , green infrastructure , urban , runoff , rain water , watersheds , climate connections ,

Whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural area, you can benefit from a rain barrel! Rain Barrels are easy to install and provide free water for non-drinking use. This reused rainwater shouldn’t be used for washing fruits and vegetables, but it’s great to use for watering flowers or grassy areas and for cleaning. And best of all, catching and reusing this water makes a real difference to our local rivers and streams. Learn more about how rain barrels can help you to keep pollution out of our water!

Climate Connections: Rain barrels are a green infrastructure tool being employed by cities to prepare for and adapt to climate change. Check out the Climate Connections in Teacher Resources!

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